The surroundings of Bonaire

The island of Bonaire, located in the Caribbean Sea, is known for its beautiful surroundings and numerous activities for adventurers and nature lovers. There are several national parks, including the Bonaire National Marine Park, which stretches along the entire west coast of the island and offers an excellent place for scuba diving, kiting, snorkeling, windsurfing and paddle boarding. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is another great park known for its breathtaking views and diverse flora and fauna. It’s the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking and bird watching, and also offers great spots for swimming and snorkeling. There are plenty of beautiful beaches on Bonaire, including Klein Bonaire, an uninhabited island known for its white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. Kralendijk is the capital of the island and offers a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food, Bonaire is also home to a large population of flamingos that you can see in the Pekelmeer and Lac Bay. If you like turtles, you should definitely visit the various protected turtle beaches, such as Sorobon Beach and Donkey Beach.
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Washington Slagbaai National Park

Washington Slagbaai National Park is a nature reserve. The park encompasses different types of landscapes, including mountains, forests, mangroves, and beaches. It is also home to many species of flora and fauna, including rare bird species, iguanas and flamingos. The park is very popular among visitors because of the beautiful nature, the various hiking trails and the opportunity to snorkel and dive.
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Little Bonaire

goede Klein Bonaire is known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pristine nature. It is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and swim. The island is also an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. The coral reef around Klein Bonaire is very diverse and contains many species of fish and marine life, including turtles, seahorses and lobsters.
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Windsurfing and kiting

If you are looking for a unique and exciting water sports experience, Bonaire is the perfect destination for you. With its constant trade winds, crystal clear, shallow waters and pristine coastlines, the island offers an unforgettable experience for every windsurfer and kiter.die het verblijf bij Liv Inn nog aangenamer maakt. Het is goed om te weten dat de gastvrouw altijd beschikbaar is om te helpen en te adviseren, wat

Diving and snorkeling

Bonaire is an excellent destination for both snorkeling and diving due to its clear waters, rich marine life and protected reefs. The island is known for its sustainable approach to tourism and conservation, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and divers.


Relax on the beach. Bonaire has beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun and the warm water.  
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Flamingo and turtles

Bonaire is home to one of the largest colonies of flamingos in the Caribbean which you can see in Pekelmeer and Lac Bay. If you like turtles, you should definitely visit the Zuidpier, 1000 steps and Klein Bonaire.